Authentic barbecue is truly a fine art.  Our Pit Masters, Dennis Machado and Fernando Ordonez have a combined 33 years experience doing barbecue right, in the traditional way: fine quality meats dry-seasoned and smoked low-and-slow over selected hardwoods.

So what is our difference?  We have lived in South City and have operated small businesses righthere for most of our lives!   So, we have a PASSION to bring to our neighborhood, the very BEST barbecue from all about the country, through our attention to detail.  We even make our own barbecue sauces and side items fresh in-house every single day!

For dine-in, we serve you sit-down style, and quick, in a great family atmosphere!  We’re fun also. We have a bar with a full selection of beer, wine and liquor and a few TV’s so that you can watch that significant game. And if the weather is nice, you can enjoy dinner outside on our popular sidewalk patio.

We’re also good at doing carry-outs!  If you call ahead, we’ll have your lunch or dinner ready, hot and fresh, when you arrive. We are prepared to handle larger orders, events of all types and sizes. Click on the CATERING links at the top or bottom for more information.

We are open 7 days a week.  We’re the only barbecue restaurant around town open on Mondays! Reservations are never necessary, but if you have a group and want guaranteed seating, give us a call and we’ll book it!

Thank you for giving us a try.   Follow our smoke!

Dennis, Fernando, and our crew.